How can I ask questions to a stranger on Omegle

Asking questions to other random strangers might get you frustrated a bit. Even in real life we get sometimes nervous. Because we have no clue what we gonna say time to time. On Omegle free online video chat site everyone is a random stranger, that’s why some people might get overwhelmed by the amount of random strangers they have been encountering every time they refresh their page for another stranger. Today we will be talking about how you can ask a question to a random stranger, so you can random chat with them.

What is Omegle? How do I use Omegle?

Omegle is a free online video chat site that you can talk to random strangers on a web browser anytime and any day. Using Omegle is really easy! Just make sure you have the 3 core items at your home. A pc or something that can open Omegle, an internet and last but not least having a web camera or something that can plug in to your device and monitors your face which is necessary to have. We also advice for some people to have a microphone for better talking experience but it is up to you! Then go into the web site, accept some terms and other stuffs, then you are set!

How do you ask a question and talk to a stranger on Omegle?

Just go ahead and ask whatever the first thing you think about the stranger you have just met. We suggest you to have a small talk and a short conversation. It is necessary to know and understand the random stranger you have just met. With this you can be sure if they are safe or not. You can start asking simple questions if the random stranger you have just met not really into the conversation. For example, “how was your day?”, “do you use Omegle often?”, “do you like sports?”, “do you have a relationship”, “are you going to school or working?”, “do you like animals?”.


Today you have learned how you can talk and ask a question to a random stranger you have met on Omegle. Also now you have basic understanding of what Omegle is and what do you need to use Omegle. You can visit if you would like to see more content like this. We usually post content about Omegle, video chat, talking to strangers, dating, daily life and so on. Hope to see you soon on our another new post coming up!

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