Random chat on Omegle is it still good

Almost more than +50M are still using Omegle every month, but is it still really that good? Well according to analytic sites. After Omegle the most used video chat site is having +6M users every months. Which is a decent competitor for Omegle. The thing is Omegle is still having a huge amount of visitors every month even it is still one of the oldest video chat site out there. Meanwhile even there are better designed video chat sites out there, they aren’t getting enough attention and visitors like Omegle getting every month.

Why do we even use video chat sites?

Even we know the answer is simple and short which is basically “because we just want to chat with random strangers” let me tell you something about it. Before we had internet or even smart phones communication between people were used to be face to face outside our houses. Maybe meeting at a café or just talking at the library. Some people still meet with strangers in such way. Our lifestyles have been changed a lot. We realized that our time is limited, and we have to use it wisely. Whether you are going to learn something new or do something else like playing a guitar.

How do you talk to random strangers on Omegle?

Just take a deep breath. Relief yourself. Never overthink while talking. Just think about you are talking to that person in real life. Make small talks and choose simple topics. After you have progressed a decent amount with your conversation. You can start asking deeper questions. But never ask too personal information, just make it simple, have fun and talk to strangers nothing more than that is always good. Try it by yourself on Omegle today!


Random chat on Omegle is still good. After all even it is an old video chat site, it still functions like a new video chat site! You can visit omeglerandomchat.com if you would like to see more content like this. We usually post content about Omegle, video chat, talking to strangers, dating, daily life and so on. Hope to see you soon on our another new post coming up!

random chat for free on Omegle

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