What is better than Omegle?

Is Omegle Bad?

Omegle is one of the best video chat sites out there with a whopping 67M visitors per month thus it’s still increasing over time with the latest data! Despite the numbers people are desperate to try find an alternative online free video chat sites you may be wondering why? Let’s take a look at that together.

Omegle a Rising Video Chat Site

It all started launching Omegle on May 25, 2009. After that Omegle garnered around 150.000 page views a day. All of that many visitors are gained just by making a free online video chat site that helps people video chat with strangers.

What did go wrong with Omegle?

Although even it attracts that many visitors the quality of the time that you have spent in there have gotten poor lately. The reason behind this is pretty much simple and we can explain it with a single sentence just by saying “quantity over quality” is enough.

what is better than omegle

Other alternatives that you can check

ChatHub might be better than Omegle

We need someone all the time. Birthday parties, celebrating a special day, graduating, summertime parties, dinners, playing video games, going to the gym as well as in bad days but you get the point. Bad days or good days we always need someone to communicate to share our opinions, thoughts and discuss about anything in life. That’s why we have ChatHub the best random video chat site that you can start video chat with strangers and who knows you might find someone that you can finally meet in real life. We cannot say ChatHub better than Omegle but its sure a good alternative way to video chat with others.


Welcome aboard ometv wanderer! Ometv might become better than Omegle just because of its latest technology that makes the site faster and easier to use thus helping us filter out some of the unwanted things so that we can enjoy our stay in there. You can check out other posts if you want to learn about video chat sites or other things have fun out there.

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